Zero Friction - GPS Golf Glove

GPS Golf Glove / Zero Friction Men's Distance Pro Pair RH

Package includes: Zero Friction Mens Distance Pro GPS Golf Glove Pair RH


2 gloves,
1 GPS device and ZF App, GPS device is removable and easily placed on the other glove as well as replacement gloves in the future
Available in Men's & Ladies Synthetic and Motion Fit Glove Designs
Elite performance material
Universal Compression Fit: one size
Available in Right Hand or Left Hand
Molds to hand/Guaranteed Fit
Automatic and Manual Whole Advance
Waterproof up to 10 meters
Access to over 35,000 courses worldwide
Shot planning allows you to view the distance to any point on the course
Shot distance measurement
Compatible with IOS and Android (Samsung Galaxy Models)
One Button overhead Green View Access
Device transferable to replacement ZF Gloves

Brand: - Not Listed
Condition: Mint
Refund Policy: No refunds